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The Mill

Church of the Nazarene


This was a fun re-branding project that allowed a lot of creative freedom and interpretation. The client envisioned a logo including the words The Mill and a stylized representation of a grain mill stone, referencing the common traits of both a processing mill and a church. The concept was that like a mill stone that processes grain into food, a church should help its members learn, grow, and help in the community.

At the time, all the client wanted in terms of a website was a landing page. They had a videographer shoot a promotional piece that is the main focus of the page aside from contact essentials.

Project Components:

  • Company Re-Branding and Logo Design
  • Website Design built with Sketch App
  • Designs presented to Client via inVision
  • Feedback and Updates
  • Website built via WordPress using Divi child theme
  • Quality Assurance Testing

Branding & Landing Page Mockups