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T&W PTO Application


This was a unique and fun project I was able to take the lead on. This company needed a tracking tool for their employee paid-time-off. Features that needed to be included were: employee login, vacation/PTO balances list, a form to submit a request for PTO, as well as a list of pending, denied, and approved requests. For their HR department, they needed the application to be able to see incoming requests, approve/deny requests, check requested dates on a calendar, and add/edit their employee list.

Following their brand guidelines and colors, I designed a user interface that included the features they were asking for, is easily navigated, and communicates all necessary information to both parties involved. It was a fun project, and my company ended up using the same application for our own PTO tracking!

Project Components:

  • Application Design built with Sketch App
  • Design presented to Client via inVision
  • Feedback and Updates
  • Quality Assurance Testing

Design Mockups