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I was mostly involved in the branding process of this project, but worked with others on the website design as well. This client was starting his own car-buying website, much like craigslist in that users can create accounts, list cars for sale, purchase cars, and rate the sellers/buyers.

The logo was designed to mimic a location pin, as users will be able to easily locate sellers in their area. Inside the pin “head” is a stylized car wheel, designed so that the outer edges of the pin appear to be the tire part of the wheel. I am very much looking forward to seeing this project when it’s all said and done!

Project Components:

  • Company Branding and Logo Creation
  • Design built with Sketch App
  • Design presented to Client via inVision
  • Feedback and Updates
  • Website built via WordPress using Elementor theme
  • Quality Assurance Testing

Branding Mockups

Design Mockups