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Bonded Date: March 2, 2018

Gender: Female
Affinity/Parents: Silent Song
Special Stats: None
Circle: None


As she steps out from behind the thick autumn foliage, your eyes struggle to focus and the figure appears blurry. A teal-colored nose blends smoothly into a green face, where sky-blue eyes peek out behind thick lashes. The hair on her body appears as if it’s flowing like waves, ripples covering the curves and shape of her body. The color blends into darker shades of green the further down her stomach and legs it goes. At the ends of her legs are light green hooves that are so lightweight, she appears to be hovering. An array of blues and purples intertwine in her mane and tail, both long and layered in a wavy mess. As your eyes are finally able to adjust to the strange motion in front of you, the pink translucent wings stand out against her green body, just barely visible.

Once she notices you, amusement flashes in her eyes and she dances in place, hooves barely even touching the ground as they lift up and down. After a shake of her mane and tail, she trots over to you and gives you a sniff and a snort. She is very happy to meet you, as she is everyone that she meets. You can’t help but feel excited, a bit of euphoria, as her smooth, flowing hair on her nose brushes the inside of your palm gently. She is a stunning creature, and you feel so lucky to have been able to greet her. After some good nose rubs, she turns and trots away happily with a bounce in her step and her tail flicking back and forth. You feel incredible, and a smile forces its way to your lips.